XSL Development Tools

Subject: XSL Development Tools
From: henry_fieglein@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 15:21:25 +0200
I am new to this list.  I work for DG Bank in Frankfurt.  Currently we are
working on a Trading Floor Architecture which integrates all aspects of trading
within the bank.  We have created a centralized object (a DTD) which describes a
trade.  What we want to do is to use XSL to translate messages to/from the
various applications from/to an XML document.  I am pretty sure that we can
accomplish only one side of this with XSL, but I wanted to solicit responses
from this group.  Further, I want to be able to give a description of this
centralized object to a business analyst familiar with the application to be
integrated and a tool which allows him/her to build a data mapping to/from the
centralized object from the data format of the given application.  Is there any
knowledge of a tool(s) which can help me down this path.  I appreciate greatly
any and all responses.

Henry Fieglein
Global trading Software Architect
Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank
Am Platz der Republik
60325 Frankfurt am Main

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