Passing var from HTML->XSL?

Subject: Passing var from HTML->XSL?
From: "Christian Wittern" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 18:28:43 +0800
Hello XSL-List

I am trying to build an application, that displays data from the same xml
file differently, depending on choices the user made.
The stylesheet processes the XML the first time with some default values. If
the user selects a different value, the stylesheet should get this value and
run again.

The first take was to record the choice in a cookie and try to retrieve the
cookie from the xsl-stylesheet. This does not seem to work.

Any other ideas?

BTW, I am using  IE5 and MSXSL.

Best thanks in advance,

Christian Wittern

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