RE: Passing var from HTML->XSL?

Subject: RE: Passing var from HTML->XSL?
From: Siegfried Haag <Siegfried.Haag@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 13:05:41 +0100
Hi Christian,

its really easy in the following way:

Make a HTML with the following lines:
(&lt == <  and so on)

&lt xml id="xm" src="xm.xml" &gt &lt /xml &gt
&lt xml id="xs1" src="xs1.xsl" &gt &lt /xml &gt
&lt xml id="xs2" src="xs2.xsl" &gt &lt /xml &gt

Then make a JS-Programm like:
var a =xm.transformNode(xs1);
a =xm.transformNode(xs2);

Siegfried Haag
SAG Systemhaus, Niederlassung Munchen
mailto: Siegfried.Haag@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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