passing through special characters

Subject: passing through special characters
From: Steve Morrison <smorrison@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 13:17:09 -0400
I'm trying to generate wml from xml. In the xml I have this:
<url name="next">;T=boston</url>

I want the resulting wml to contain the &#38; and not expand it to &. It's 
currently outputing:

I can do this by using CDATA in the xml file:
<url name="next"><![CDATA[;T=boston]]></url>
but that doesn't seem right. disable-output-escaping doesn't work with the xsl processor I'm using (which was suggested for similar problems on this list). 
What should I do - use CDATA, get a new xsl processor, or is there some other
way to do this?


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