Re: passing through special characters

Subject: Re: passing through special characters
From: Steve Morrison <steve.morrison@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 15:51:51 -0400
Mike Brown wrote:
> Steve Morrison wrote:
> > It's currently outputing:
> Internally it should look like that, but when it is output using the HTML
> or XML output methods, it should be coming out as either
> or
> ...unless you have specified disable-output-escaping on xsl:value-of, or
> you're using SAXON and have used its equivalent for disabling output
> escaping on attributes. What XSL processor are you using? How exactly are
> you getting it to not escape the "&"?

I'm using transformiix. This only happens if I output an attribute, using
either attr="{$varname}" or <xsl:attribute>. This is really disturbing. Has
anyone else ran into this? Are there other ways to make an attribute? I can
wrap the string in a <![CDATA[]]>, but, that breaks people who want to use
this on other XSL processors.


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