RE: 1 xml to 2 html

Subject: RE: 1 xml to 2 html
From: Richard Lander <rlander@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 14:26:13 -0700

As stated before, there is not a way in pure XSLT to do this. However, most
XSLT processors provide an extension function to fulfill this need. Check
out your XSLT processor home page. I know that XT provides xt:document.

This function is promised fro XSLT 1.1.

A bit of an embarrasing question: Does anyone know if MSXML provides any
sort of similar function, such as msxml:document. I'm thinking not, but I
might have missed it.


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Subject: 1 xml to 2 html

Is it possible to transfrom one xml file to more than 1 html file ???

if so, how ?

thanks in advance

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