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Subject: RE: XSLT V 1.1
From: Eckenberger Axel <Extern.Eckenberger@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 10:08:16 +0200

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> > The problem is that you look at the topic from a point of 
> view where you
> > have files, but if you use XML within components (via the 
> DOM) you might not
> > have them and IMHO this is not a 'weied' case. I agree that 
> there should be
> > a way of determinig the URI for a node (and a way of 
> determining whether
> > ther is _no_ URI, see above). 
> This all becomes very hypotetical. When you have XML and XSL 
> 'without files' 
> ( 'without URI' ) how can document() with two parameters help you?

This statement relates to a function that retrieves the URI for the
stylesheet and the xml file, and I think it's not so hypothetical ... I work
with the MSXML parser and have most of my xml files in-memory as I use XML
as as a format for  communicating between objects. If you have such a
function then you can test for the presence and prevent errors from

> If URI of XML is provided - use it to resolve the relative 
> paths. If URI
> does not exist - don't use it. 

The question is how do you _know_ that no URI is present ???
> > Hovever, I do not agree with you that it
> > should be the document function's default behaviour to 
> resolve relative
> > paths relative to the xml document.
> No problem. 
> Rgds.Paul.
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