Re: Which XSL processor to use.?

Subject: Re: Which XSL processor to use.?
From: Frédéric SCHWEBEL <schwebel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 09:43:56 +0100
look there :

Hope this helps...

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Subject: Which XSL processor to use.?

> Hello Friends,
>     I am new to the XSL world.
>  We have a business product which currently uses servlets and a templates
> files for showing the output. Servlets detects the user agent (through a
> parameter) and depending on the user agent (palm,mobile etc) throws the
> output.
> Now we want to shift to XML and XSL approach. What could be the best XSL
> processor we can use. Processor may or may not be free, but it should have
> good performance result.
> Can I find some benchmarking information on the net for the various XSL
> processor present.
> Thanxs in advanced.
> Nitin
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