RE: Which XSL processor to use.?

Subject: RE: Which XSL processor to use.?
From: "Pollington, Lee (ELSLON)" <lee.pollington@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 11:49:11 -0000
I would recommend doing your own tests that are suited to your particular
enviroment. We have recently written a pool of stylesheet objects in java,
that uses Saxon 5.5. Running as a servlet with the Hotspot VM we have got
average time of 300ms for complicated transformations on 100KB XML files and
an average of 70ms on less complicated trasformations. However this assumes
a lot of technology base prerequisites, it works for us but it may not for

But if pushed, I would say Saxon is highly conformant, has excellent error
reporting, great support, and can be made to run very fast. 


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 Comes down to preference, but here's a benchmark on performance
 ( there is also one on
 conformance but I can't remember the address ... anyone ????
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 > Hello Friends,
 >     I am new to the XSL world.
 >  We have a business product which currently uses servlets and 
 > a templates
 > files for showing the output. Servlets detects the user agent 
 > (through a
 > parameter) and depending on the user agent (palm,mobile etc) 
 > throws the
 > output.
 > Now we want to shift to XML and XSL approach. What could be 
 > the best XSL
 > processor we can use. Processor may or may not be free, but 
 > it should have
 > good performance result.
 > Can I find some benchmarking information on the net for the 
 > various XSL
 > processor present.
 > Thanxs in advanced.
 > Nitin
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