R: XSL:FO editor

Subject: R: XSL:FO editor
From: "Carlo Brigatti" <carlo.brigatti@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 14:41:53 +0100
I try to explain you (if my bad english is enough)

My target is:

I have an XML data source (contractual data)

In the traditional way this data are merged into a preprinted form
(typographic contract), but now I want to define some XSLT stylesheet (with
fo command inside, for white paper printing).
At the end the result will be a PDF file (using apache fop).

The problem is:

- My actual typographic form have a precise layout (I need to reproduce it
exactly), of course with images, rules, ...
  (inside questions: how is possible to draw rounded box around paragraph?)

- I have a lot of this form and is very long to write that XSLT(fo)
stylesheet... so, for me will be very usefull to have a graphic tool for

Now, whith other way I can try for optimizing this process? Have you some

thanks... Carlo

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"Carlo Brigatti" <carlo.brigatti@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I need to compose a lot of XML-FO layout and the handmade "notepad" method
> is very slow!

Editing Formatting Objects by hand is certainly not the right way to
do what you're trying to do. FOs are meant to be generated from an XML
source by an XSLT stylesheet. Unless you're writing an FO test suite
(which you are very welcome to do!) I can't think of a reason why you
would want to do that. Or if there is (and please let me know), I'm
sure you'd be better off using some typography/word-processing
software instead.


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