Re: R: XSL:FO editor

Subject: Re: R: XSL:FO editor
From: Max Froumentin <mf@xxxxxx>
Date: 11 Nov 2000 17:14:25 +0100
"Carlo Brigatti" <carlo.brigatti@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> - My actual typographic form have a precise layout (I need to
> reproduce it exactly), of course with images, rules, ...

If XSL or FOP don't allow you to get the layout you require, a
solution is to get rid of the document-oriented paradigm that XSL
offers and go for a more low-level language such as SVG. Actually you
could use both XSL and SVG in FOP, using SVG to add stuff that you
can't do with XSL, such as borders with rounded corners.

> - I have a lot of this form and is very long to write that XSLT(fo)
> stylesheet... so, for me will be very usefull to have a graphic tool for
> drawing

Another thing you could do (if my understanding of your problem is
correct) is design a form template using a tool like Illustrator that
outputs SVG, and then incorporate that file in an XSLT style sheet
which would read your xml data and re-generate your svg file with the
form text (from your xml date) in the right areas.


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