switching from xalan (J) to saxon

Subject: switching from xalan (J) to saxon
From: "Robert Herschke" <robert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 11:20:34 +0100
 Hello everybody,
 For performance reasons we will switch our renderer from xalan to saxon
 Perhaps somebody has done this too.
 My questions:
 - are there some tables or lists of xsl-constructs that doesn't match in
 this two processors ?
 - are there known issues, like "Do not use this in saxon, as you do it in
 - does anybody know something about conversions between XSL-files written
 for Xalan to XSL-Files converted for Saxon?
 --- or are there 100% compatibility between the constructs in XSL-files?
 Thanks for your help in advance!

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