Re: [xsl] docbook.xsl by nwalsh and german umlaute

Subject: Re: [xsl] docbook.xsl by nwalsh and german umlaute
From: David_N_Bertoni@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 11:30:09 -0400
Janning Vygen wrote:
> Hi,
> if have created a simple xml file:
> ...
> if i call xalanC it returns:
> XSLException Type is : TranscodingException

Hi Janning,

It's probably better to ask this question on the Xalan developer list,
since this is a processor-specific question.  You might want to subscribe
and post further questions there:

I just tested this on Windows 2000, using the official Xalan 1.1 release,
and it transformed without error.  Without more information, for example,
your platform, I can only guess that there is no transcoder available for
ISO-8859-1, or that your source document is not using the correct values
for those characters.  The only encodings that are always supported are
UTF-8 and UTF-16.

> so i replaced in the XML file the german umlaute with entities:
> <!DOCTYPE book [
>  <!ENTITY auml "&#228;">
>  <!ENTITY ouml "&#246;">
> ]>
> and replaced the german umlaute with entities:
> <para>deutsche Umlaue: &auml; &ouml;</para>
> But still XalanC says:
> XSLException Type is : TranscodingException

This won't make any difference, as the parser expands the entities before
Xalan sees the character data for the text node.  If the parser can't
transcode the source document, it isn't even getting to the internal

> What can I do next, why it is so difficult. why cant i just use german
> umlaute...

You can, you just can't use ISO-8859-1.  You might try using the entities
defined in the internal subset, and specify UTF-8 as the encoding for the
source and stylesheet documents, and for the encoding attribute of

If you really need support for ISO-8859-1, please read the Xerces-C and
Xalan-C++ documentation on integrating the International Classes for
Unicode (ICU), which will enable a vast number of encodings.


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