[xsl] using xsl to generate shell scripts

Subject: [xsl] using xsl to generate shell scripts
From: Gary Frederick <gary.frederick@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 09:30:59 -0500
I realized that using XSL to generate scripts is a 'good' thing a few days ago.

I am generating html pages from an XML file. The XML has info to build 100 or so different pages. I pass a PARAM to say which page I want to generate. I was adding the info for each page a few pages at a time and then updating a script file to see the new pages. I was also generating a page that had pointers to all the pages.

As I was adding the most recent batch of pages and updating the script I realized the the difference between the output of the stylesheet that had pointers to all the html pages and the script was some literal text.


I spent upward of 47 seconds modifying the stylesheet and now have another stylesheet that generates the script file with ALL the web pages.

It's the kind of thing that we have done with perl or sed or awk in the past. The benefit of doing it with XSL for me is I usually have some XSL code that reads the XML I'm interested in. That makes it easy to generate scripts.

A simple thought that makes life a bit easier.


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