Re: [xsl] hard core xlt ;-)

Subject: Re: [xsl] hard core xlt ;-)
From: "cutlass" <cutlass@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 15:33:40 +0100
-sort the data dynamically with any of the xml fields

-data search, with result highlighted within page

-transform the data set into an RDF or RSS file

-have a WML version of your search engine using the same xml

oh well, this is a start

cheers, jim fuller

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From: "Elise D." <tyris_azriel@xxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 3:27 PM
Subject: [xsl] hard core xlt ;-)

> hi all,
> i first should introduce myself to explain my
> question:
> i'm computer scientist learnee, that means i both
> study and prepare a diploma, and both work in a
> company. 
> i do have a report to do at the end of the school
> year, based on the work i made in the company, this
> work will get a mark, depending on my oral
> pesentation, my written report and the most important
> : the work i made. i actualy work on xslt in this
> company.
> i've done a big work, on a project i'm actualy working
> on. as you can guess, the most hard is the work i
> make, the most valuable it is for my school and my
> diploma. so as i'm now familiar with xslt, i'd like to
> make something harder.
> i made an xslt that transform xml data into a paged
> table, where the user can choose how many rows per
> page he wants, that automaticaly refresh with the
> number he puted, and he can navigate with previous
> page, next page, first page an last page button.
> what would be in your point of view the next step to
> an xslt harder ?
> here is the structure of my xml :
> <results>
> <result>
> <field name="Project Site">Paris</field>
> <field name="end date">07/04/2001</field>
> <field name="Project name">Microsoft Visio 10 VS
> Help </field>
> <field name="Project Code">ITOSE01001</field>
> <field name="Status">Go</field>
> </result>
> <result>
> <field name="Project Site">Paris</field>
> <field name="end date"/>
> <field name="Project name">Morgan Stanley-
> Shareholder data translation from Korean to
> English</field>
> <field name="Project Code">IBESE01107</field>
> <field name="Status">Go</field>
> </result>
> .....
> <results>
> any idea would be appreciated.
> regards,
> elise
> ps : sorry for my coarse english
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