[xsl] hard core xlt ;-)

Subject: [xsl] hard core xlt ;-)
From: "Elise D." <tyris_azriel@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 16:27:08 +0200 (CEST)
hi all,
i first should introduce myself to explain my
i'm computer scientist learnee, that means i both
study and prepare a diploma, and both work in a
i do have a report to do at the end of the school
year, based on the work i made in the company, this
work will get a mark, depending on my oral
pesentation, my written report and the most important
: the work i made. i actualy work on xslt in this

i've done a big work, on a project i'm actualy working
on. as you can guess, the most hard is the work i
make, the most valuable it is for my school and my
diploma. so as i'm now familiar with xslt, i'd like to
make something harder.

i made an xslt that transform xml data into a paged
table, where the user can choose how many rows per
page he wants, that automaticaly refresh with the
number he puted, and he can navigate with previous
page, next page, first page an last page button.

what would be in your point of view the next step to
an xslt harder ?

here is the structure of my xml :

		<field name="Project Site">Paris</field>
		<field name="end date">07/04/2001</field>
		<field name="Project name">Microsoft Visio 10 VS
Help </field>
		<field name="Project Code">ITOSE01001</field>
		<field name="Status">Go</field>
		<field name="Project Site">Paris</field>
		<field name="end date"/>
		<field name="Project name">Morgan Stanley-
Shareholder data translation from Korean to
		<field name="Project Code">IBESE01107</field>
		<field name="Status">Go</field>

any idea would be appreciated.

ps : sorry for my coarse english

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