RE: [xsl] Abbreviated form of XSLT?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Abbreviated form of XSLT?
From: "McNally, David" <David.McNally@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 09:46:39 -0400
Okay, okay - it was an obscure, poor joke.  

As someone who liked omnimark (back when it was free), and then only with
much gnashing of teeth moved over to XSLT, it amused me to imagine an
abbreviated XSLT syntax being based on the omnimark element domain syntax.
The amusement was compounded by how unabbreviated it would be if xpath
statements were also expanded into omnimark's extremely verbose style -
"attribute href of parent of parent" etc.  I even toyed with specifying
something and writing a converter in omnimark or, yes, perl, but since, as
Debbie noted, omnimark doesn't explicitly mark the end of templates it would
be more work than it really merits.

I'll shut up now.

David McNally.

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> to be represented as
> 	element p
> 		output "%c"
> As I assume you know, that isn't abreviated XSLT it's unabreviated
> omnimark I think having two different languages use almost the same
> syntax would be even more confusing wouldn't it?
> David



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