[xsl] converting xsl-wd to xsl1, msxml script changes

Subject: [xsl] converting xsl-wd to xsl1, msxml script changes
From: "woody" <woody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 12:14:59 -0000

I have inherited a load of msxml2 xsl files with my new job and as well as
updating them I am converting them to 'proper' xslt (or as proper as I can
The conversion of the xsl itself is going ok and isn't causing any major
problems although I am new to xsl. The scripts that are embedded in the xsl
are another matter, most of them don't work.
I have changed all the xsl:eval's to xsl:value-of's and the scripts are
contained in <msxml:script> sections (with namespaces etc) but most of the
functions seem wrong.

I have this one I am working on at the moment which takes the whole file,
converts it to an xml-file-string and does a regular expression search and

function transform(node)
var str = node.xml.replace(/<\/?[^T\/][^>]*>/g,"");

I am sure there is an xsl way of doing this but this has been replaced by
javascript for speed.

however it doesn't work anymore - I have several files with functions that
don't work.

Is there any reference out there to these sort of things or a way of
debugging it? I have ordered some books but am still waiting for amazon to
deliver them, I also have all the microsoft documentation (for what it is
worth) although I can't find the answer in that.

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