[xsl] Getting started with XSLT Extension

Subject: [xsl] Getting started with XSLT Extension
From: "Bodenan, Arnaud" <abodenan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 12:23:10 +0200
Hie everybody,

	I'm trying desperatly for about 2 days, to understand the steps to
call external functions during XSL transformation. I'm programming on SUN
Solaris 5.6 in C++ language. The problem is that I don't make the link
between explanations on the site( http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/extensions.html)
and the samples (functions.c and functions.h, and module.xsl and list.xsl).
So, what I need to know is :
	- what are the functions I need to implement to do a simple test
	- what is the syntax (in a stylesheet), to properly call these
	- where must I define in the code the namespace

	Thanks for your help.

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