RE: [xsl] FO Processor choice

Subject: RE: [xsl] FO Processor choice
From: "Andrew Welch" <AWelch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 14:14:02 -0000
> Hi Andrew,
> At first you should make your needs for FO-processor clear.
>  Do you wish to make complicated layout or simple form?

Well at the moment I would say its complicated - I might say differently
when Ive learnt more of the language :)

>  How many pages do you need to format at one time? 

Anywhere from 1 to 100, not too many

>  Which language are you going to use?

I need to offer a 'print preview', so I was going to use PDF

>  What kind of graphics do you use?

cgm's at the moment, but these can converted into a supported format.

>  Which kind of environment do you use the processor?

It will be on a server, for the standalone installations I would
pre-render the pdf and distribute that rather than buy a license for
each installion. 

>  Which font do you use?


>  Do you wish to print to paper?


> FOP may do some basic job, but it is not able to format
> variety of complicated layout. And it has some limitations 
> such as font handling, large volume page and 
> mis-implimentation of XSL-FO spec, etc.


> As for the cost, there is no difference between free or 
> commertial software. The difference is only who payes for the 
> compensasion. Will you will pay for it, or will some other 
> person pay for it?

Ultimately I guess ;) it's just a lot easier using 'free' software than
convincing your boss to fork out $5000 - the first question I'll be
asked is 'why can't we use FOP?' and I haven't been able to find any
good reason on the net so far to justify not using it.


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