Re: [xsl] What is the future of XSL-FO

Subject: Re: [xsl] What is the future of XSL-FO
From: Kobayashi <koba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 20:50:45 +0900

The message is not true and it will bring bad influence to the public.

In fact, CSS will never replace XSL-FO completely, even if some portion 
of CSS overlaps XSL-FO.

The usage of HTML tags is too much diversified to become a standard 
for printing. IE sometimes even neglects attribute values of HTML tag.

If you wish to use HTML+CSS for printing, you must be quite careful
about the usage of tags and attribute values. If the printing
layout is not fixed by a creator, how these method will be used for
printing ?

Best regards,

Tokushige Kobayashi

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Below is an excerpt of an explanation for XSLT, took out from

"XSL is now generally referred to as XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO), to
distinguish it from XSLT. The future of XSL-FO as a standard is uncertain,
because much of its functionality overlaps with that provided by cascading
style sheets (CSS) and the HTML tag set. If cross-vendor compatibility is
important, you might want to avoid XSL-FO until it becomes a standard fully
accepted by the Worldwide Web Consortium."

Can I consider valid the declaration above? I really want to use XLS-FO as
standard in the company I work for, as base document format for report
generation, but this declaration could make me hesitate to. I would
appreciate any thoughts.

Thank you.

Celio Cidral Junior

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