RE: [xsl] killing xslt

Subject: RE: [xsl] killing xslt
From: "M. David Peterson" <m.david@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 06:13:19 -0600
Thank you Michael!  You're efforts over the years to develop Saxon,
write the XSLT 1.0 Reference, develop and edit the XSLT 2.0 spec (and
now version 2.0 of the reference) as well as, (if that wasn't enough)
combine with your colleagues to train a vast majority of us on this list
in the proper techniques of XSLT development is so very much appreciated
in so many different ways.  I can say for sure that both Peiter and I
will do all that we can to ensure that Saxon runs as well on the .NET
platform as it does on the Java platform (if that is at all possible)
determined to maintain the innovative legacy that you have built into
the processor over the years.

As was followed up in response to David Pawson's post we are most
definitely going to hold off on implementing Schema until such time as
it makes perfect sense to do so.  But first gaining your approval I feel
was an important step to ensure that it wasn't a forgotten step when the
time came and decision made to move forward with it.  If for no other
reason than respect to you for all that you have done I feel we at very
least owe you the courtesy of asking for your permission even though you
have technically already given it with the open source license
associated with the project.

Regarding your statement about involvement...  I still sit and wonder
sometimes how you have fit into your life the development and editing of
the XSLT 2.0 specification (with the accompanied communication within
the working groups communication channels), the development of your XSLT
2.0 Reference, the ongoing development of Saxon, the continual posts to
the list each and every day, and, oh yeah, your DAY JOB!(as well as
finding time to work on your Genealogy projects... which, by the way, I
need to contact you in person at some point as I think you might be
amazed to find out just how much we have in common in this area).  Im
sure I am echoing many other members of this list when I ask... When in
the heck do you sleep?!!!  Or do you? ;) 

	.... Again, I can assure you that we have absolutely no
expectations for you to get involved with this porting project beyond
the occasional question that only you can answer and even then we will
do our best to go down every other avenue first before asking you for
answer.  As time continues and we begin to reach our alpha and beta
goals, ultimately reaching golden status for version 1.0 of Saxon for
.NET our only hope is that we are able to receive your "blessing" on the
project.  I can think of no other way that will better assure others
that the functionality brought over in the port of the processor has met
or exceeded the spec you developed for the project.  Of course we don't
just expect that inherently we will get this blessing without first
proving that we have accomplished this feat.  But if we do prove this
then this is probably the one thing we would ask you to do.  And that
should be quite a ways down the road anyway :) So beyond what's stated
above you have no need to worry about hearing from us or hearing about
any sort of petition to get you involved with this project.  I think its
safe to say that you have done more than enough and its about time the
rest of us start picking up the slack.  

Im not going to let the MS trained Technical Evangelist side of me
expose its ugly head (I can hear the collective sigh of relief already
;) but I do hope that other people will find opportunities in other
areas of there expertise where they can begin to develop support for
XSLT 2.0 related technologies based on the work that you have already
created.  Colin Paul Adams and his port of the Saxon code base to Eiffel
and then to .NET is a perfect example of opportunities to give the
development community a wider range of XSLT 2.0 tools to choose from.
Alright, Ill stop there...  I think you all know what'll happen if I let
myself keep rambling so I will save you from the pain and suffering and
cut myself off before its too late ;) You're welcome :D

Thanks again for everything Michael!

With the utmost respect,


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> > My reasoning for taking a cautious approach is simple. If I
> > correctly there is going to be a commercial release of Saxon
> > 7.9.x that
> > will include the Schema support of the XSLT 2.0 spec. As such, out
> > respect to Michael Kay and the simple fact that this is his
> > brainchild,
> > his blood, his sweat, and his tears of many, many, combined years I
> > think we owe it to him to get his nod of approval before
> > moving forward
> > with taking it to that level.
> You are welcome to do anything with the open source code that's
> under its license (which is almost anything, so long as the result is
> source). I'll be interested to hear how you get on, but don't expect
me to
> get involved.
> Michael Kay

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