Re: [xsl] keyed lookup table

Subject: Re: [xsl] keyed lookup table
From: Kevin Rodgers <kevin.rodgers@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 10:32:31 -0700
Wendell Piez writes:
> Are you using the key() function in its New Improved XSLT 2.0 version?


<xsl:stylesheet version="2.0" xmlns:xsl="";

> In XSLT 1.0, it won't take the third argument, and you have to change 
> context to the stylesheet explicitly (probably by using a for-each) to get 
> it to work the way you want.
> But I'd expect, if that's the problem, you should be getting an error. If 
> you're using XSLT 2.0 ... I'll let someone else address that, as the tools 
> are new. (You should tell us which processor you're using, however.)

Sorry: Saxon (B) 8.3


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