Re: [xsl] keyed lookup table

Subject: Re: [xsl] keyed lookup table
From: Kevin Rodgers <kevin.rodgers@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 12:47:32 -0700
David Carlisle writes:
> You should have mentioned you were using 2.0.:-)

I'll remember next time.

> >I was hoping I could access that table via a key:
> > 
> > 	<xsl:key name="language-code" match="name" use="@code"/>
> yes you could, assuming namespaces match up.

Which namespaces?  I don't see how that could be a problem, since the
original expression ($language-table/name[@code='de']) has no namespace
prefix and works fine.

> > that I would access with this expression:
> > 	key('language-code', 'de', $stylesheet)"/>
> > 
> >  given:
> > 
> > 	<xsl:variable name="stylesheet" select="document('')"/>
> no don't do that, although it ought to work, it causes the stylesheet to
> be re-parsed. In 2.0 you can query into variables so you can just use
> $language-table  instead of $stylesheet.

I'm sure that's what I tried first, and that it failed.  But on your
advice I just tried it again, and it works.  So my test must have been
buggered somehow.

> I'd guess it's a namespace problem.

Or operator error.  :-/  Sorry for the confusion.


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