[xsl] Trying to write XSL for TiVo's XML

Subject: [xsl] Trying to write XSL for TiVo's XML
From: "Mihir" <riffola@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 01:36:53 -0500
Hello all,

I'm trying to write XSL for TiVo's Now Playing XML.

The XML <http://www.riffola.com/tivo/nowplaying.xml>
The XSL <http://www.riffola.com/tivo/nowplaying.xsl>
The result <http://www.riffola.com/tivo/>
The PHP source <http://www.riffola.com/tivo/index.phps>

As you can see the script just spits out everything when I match for
TiVoContainer instead of processing the XSL properly. If use match for / the
script displays no XML data, only the HTML if I select value of
TiVoContainer/Details/Title for example.

I am using Sablotron and PHP to parse the XML with XSL.

I know the PHP script works fine because I use the same for my XBEL

I can't figure out why the XSL is not working as intended, I am very sure
the error lies in my method but I can't pinpoint it. I'd appreciate your
help and input.

-- Mihir

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