Re: [xsl] Problems with &/& in style sheet

Subject: Re: [xsl] Problems with &/& in style sheet
From: Marcel Stör <marcel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 10:09:26 +0200
Michael Kay wrote:
>> The '&amp;' in the last line should actually be a '&' in the
>> transformed
>> HTML code. However, obviously I can't replace '&amp;' with
>> '&', since the
>> stylesheet would then be syntactically incorrect. But if I
>> leave the '&amp;'
>> where it is, I'll have '&amp;' in the HTML code instead of '&'.
> Your XSLT processor knows the HTML rules better than you do.

:-) no reason to doubt that...

> &amp; is correct according to the HTML spec, & is wrong.

Yeah, that's right. However, I need a & in the output and not a &amp;. In my
original example my processor produces &amp;

Marcel Stvr

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