Re: [xsl] Problems with &/& in style sheet

Subject: Re: [xsl] Problems with &/& in style sheet
From: Marcel Stör <marcel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 11:21:08 +0200
David Carlisle wrote:
> I said
>   Which is good, because an unquoted & in an html file would be a
>   syntax error
> But I hadn't noticed that you were inside a script element.

I realized you probabely hadn't noticed...

> So my answer is wrong (as is Michael's) George Bina pointed you in the
> right direction.
> If you are using the html output method (which should be the default
> if your top level element is html in no-namespace) then the & will be
> output as &.
> If you are using the xhtml output method (eg your are writing xhtml)
> then you will get &amp; which is the correct syntax for xhtml.

We're using xhtml, indeed. George Bina's hint did the trick! Luck me I'm
inside a script...

Marcel Stvr

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