Re: [xsl] capitalization problem in Mozilla Firefox

Subject: Re: [xsl] capitalization problem in Mozilla Firefox
From: seanwhalen@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 06 May 2006 10:14:23 +0000
     Good to hear from you again, and your second hypothesis is exactly right! The first transformation is set for "html", because I had done some debugging and review in the browser, argh.  
     I hope you're not offended by the branches :-)  The next step for the game will be to offer an editable grid, for people type in their own puzzles.  I'll take the set of UI-controls and create XML the way the style sheets are expecting it.  That would be a good point to introduce a more formal way to manage the  browser differences.  
     Thanks for the tip about the output method and the capitalization.  I lost a lot of time because of that.

manos writes:
Hi Sean,

I tried to check it out but there is just too much code and i dont have 
time. Now, if i understand this correctly, you are doing two 
transformations one after the other. I think that this behaviour occurs 
due to either of the two:

* The original XML is constructed wrong in the FF branch (still using 
branches :-P )
* you use html as the output method in the first transformation so FF 
spits out lowercase elements (wild guess)



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