Re: [xsl] I need to make sure that all namespace declarations get output to a particular element, not the document element

Subject: Re: [xsl] I need to make sure that all namespace declarations get output to a particular element, not the document element
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 15:38:19 +0100
G. Ken Holman wrote:

False. The namespace node has been pruned away from the <root> element so does not require a declaration. The node cannot be pruned from a literal-result-element that needs it. Saxon places the namespace declaration where it needs it and not anywhere higher.

<snip />

I think David's assertion is still correct ... it cannot be moved "down" the tree ... the declaration is placed where there is a namespace node in the result tree and your examples of pruning or not pruning the namespace nodes impact on the presence of a namespace node on your <root> result element.

I'm still wary of a processor moving the namespace declaration "up" the tree ... though not incorrect (assuming they haven't confused namespaces), I don't see how the result tree node has namespace nodes requiring declarations ... surely they are not moved up the tree. Why would a processor bother with the look-ahead to determine "future" use of namespace nodes? But he is correct to say that it is not incorrect.

Hi Ken,

I did not mean that anything unexpected was happening there. I just wanted to make a point. Apparently, when you have an RLE like this:

<elem xmlns:test="urn:test">
    <test:xyz />

then, when serializing, Saxon leaves that RLE precisely as-is. It does not move the namespace declaration to the first element that needs it, neither does it move it up the tree to the root (like you, I don't expect it too). However, once you add this namespace to the xsl:stylesheet (with exclude-result-prefixes), it does seem to do some cleanup and move the namespace declaration down the tree to the moment where it is first needed.

I think this extra level of control is nice and will help the OP. I don't think that I am saying something that is different from what you or David says, I only add that Saxon leaves the namespace declaration where it is on any RLE, even when it is not needed directly on that very RLE (unless you put that namespace to the xsl:stylesheet and/or when you add exclude-result-prefixes)

I hope this helps.

Well, I was not the one in need of help, but thanks, it does clarify things. Bryan, sorry if I went off-topic.

-- Abel

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