Re: [xsl] XML structure to HTML unordered list

Subject: Re: [xsl] XML structure to HTML unordered list
From: "M. David Peterson" <m.david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 13:52:26 -0600
On Sun, 09 Sep 2007 13:36:14 -0600, Abel Braaksma <> wrote:

Maybe SpiderMonkey would be a way to do it, then? That is written in C, has a very good track record (the JS engine in Gecko based browsers), can be embedded (or used standalone) and even has support for E4X (which fits neatly with the target: XML/XSLT). And indeed, then people don't have to bind themselves to their own host language but everyone can use the same language for extensions, which is a much better design choice than the awkward suggestions I was making earlier.

Interesting you should bring this up, Abel,

As well as:

While I can't really say much more (I'm not under NDA, but out of professional courtesy I'd rather provide links to public information and then leave it at that), a few months back I had an opportunity to meet with the Mozilla folks in Mountain View to chat about this project and can assure you that while it won't happen until Fx 4, Brendan Eich has every intention on bringing this project into fruition.


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