Re: [xsl] XML structure to HTML unordered list

Subject: Re: [xsl] XML structure to HTML unordered list
From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 21:08:40 +0100
>>>>> "Abel" == Abel Braaksma <> writes:

    Abel> Maybe SpiderMonkey would be a way to do it, then? That is written in
    Abel> C, has a very good track record (the JS engine in Gecko
    Abel> based browsers), can be embedded (or used standalone) and
    Abel> even has support for E4X (which fits neatly with the target:
    Abel> XML/XSLT). And indeed, then people don't have to bind
    Abel> themselves to their own host language but everyone can use
    Abel> the same language for extensions, which is a much better
    Abel> design choice than the awkward suggestions I was making
    Abel> earlier.

That's sounds like a possibility.
Would it suit a PHP programmer?
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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