RE: [xsl] include error

Subject: RE: [xsl] include error
From: "Michael Kay" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 10:10:33 -0000
It seems you should be using xsl:import rather than xsl:include.

If you use xsl:include then the declarations in both modules have the same
precedence and any conflicts can cause an error. With xsl:import, the
importing module overrides the imported module.

Michael Kay


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> Subject: [xsl] include error
> Hi,
> I encounter a problem which hasn't been a problem before and 
> I wonder why:
> I have a main xsl where, at the end, I include another xsl in 
> order to customize some of the templates. Both stylesheets 
> contain templates which match the same element and I (seem 
> to) remember that Saxon reported the ambigouos match before 
> but still applied the included template while now it records 
> an error and doesn't process the respective element at all. 
> Even worse for named templates, Saxon stops with an error and 
> refuses to apply the stylesheet in general. Is this behaviour 
> correct? What do I have to change in order to keep the system 
> of main-xsl-with-general-rules and 
> secondary-xsl-with-customizations-for-special-cases? I can't 
> use modes because I have (a small set of) special rules for 
> too many cases and I can't foresee how the templates have to 
> process the contents.
> Best, Torsten
> PS: I leave out the examples because I simply have matching templates:
> <xsl:template match="tei:msIdentifier">...<xsl:template>
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