Re: [xsl] stylesheet expansion

Subject: Re: [xsl] stylesheet expansion
From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2007 15:26:32 +0000
>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>>>> "Geert" == Geert Bormans <geert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Geert> I just wanted to make sure there isn't a simple tool
    Geert> available somewhere (I could always try to compile the
    Geert> stylesheet)

    Colin> It seems fairly easy to provide such an option to an XSLT
    Colin> interpreter.

I take that back - the possibility of xsl:apply-imports and
xsl:next-match make this rather difficult.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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