Re: [xsl] stylesheet expansion

Subject: Re: [xsl] stylesheet expansion
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 19:59:27 +0100
Andrew Welch wrote:
As Colin has said, compiled stylesheets seem to be the only way, but
may be not what the OP was after.  Ideally importable compiled
"stylesheet modules" will be invented soon....   :)

It really shouldn't be too hard to make a structure something like the following, which is basically a simple collection framework for stylesheets and can internally be gathered into a set of compiled stylesheets:

<col:stylesheet-collection xmlns:col="http://stylesheet-collection"; start-with="main">

    <xsl:stylesheet col:name="main".... >
        <xsl:import href="#import-me" />
    <xsl:stylesheet col:name="import-me">
         <xsl:output ... />
         <xsl:template match="...


Or something like that. What catalogs are to XML and DTD, can stylesheet collections be for XSLT. Perhaps a new standard ;)

-- Abel Braaksma

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