Re: [xsl] Problem with using xsl:variable within a template in XSL1.0

Subject: Re: [xsl] Problem with using xsl:variable within a template in XSL1.0
From: "Gareth Howells" <subscriptions@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 12:05:33 -0000 (UTC)
Turns out... my daft mistake. Variables defined before the for-each loop
which were referenced within the loop worked fine, but of course they're
not visible to code in a different template. Converted to passing a
parameter and its fine.

I realise that this code is not the most efficient, but at present the
output I'm trying to achieve requires me to iterate over the two results
nodesets, and while doing so, to iterate over each of the team nodesets
and while doing *that* to iterate over the teamPlayer nodesets. It's a bit
of a mess at the moment, but it works... given the state my brain is in,
I'm actually quite impressed that I'm not getting a stack trace ;)


>> <xsl:for-each select="//results">
>>     <xsl:for-each select="//teams/team">
> do ypiu _really_ want to do that? // is an expensive operation 9search
> entire document to arbitrary depth) and you are searching for results
> elements, and then, for each one, ignoring that element and going back
> to the top of the document and searching for all team elements, so you
> will get multiple identical copies of the output, one for each results
> element.
> If there is only one results element, you will of course only get one
> copy, but then the
> <xsl:for-each select="//results">
> is having no effect on the output at all, just slowing things down,
> searchging the entire document for results elements, then doing what it
> would have done anyway.
> David
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