Re: [xsl] Copy results

Subject: Re: [xsl] Copy results
From: Michael Ludwig <mlu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 11:10:39 +0200
Steven Ericsson-Zenith schrieb:
Okay, well, these are disappointing responses. Especially since much
of the application in this case is written in XSLT (and is processing
and generating a number of collections).

On Jul 8, 2008, at 12:15 AM, Michael Kay wrote:

What is the optimal way to copy a results document?

Write it once from the XSLT stylesheet and then copy it in the calling application.

Not striving to further disappoint you, but it may be a bit difficult to understand what you're actually looking for. Making a copy is essentially open, read/write, close - that's what all the copy commands do. It certainly won't get any more efficient or elegant using XSLT.

Michael Ludwig

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