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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 13:01:15 -0500

At 05:24 AM 12/23/2008, was written:
>>Out of interest, what do you mean by: "I think very less only for this

I think very less no. of vacancies only exist for this XSLT development.

Assuming the question is how many jobs are now open where XSLT would be essential or even just useful: how can this be known?

Assuming it is, more narrowly, how many companies or organizations are presently advertising positions for "XSLT developers" -- how can even this be known?

I wouldn't want a job for an "XSLT developer". To me, that would indicate that the job is narrow in scope and interest. I'd want a job with an organization whose goals I share, who wanted me to work with them achieving those goals. It would be especially good if it involved using XSLT and helping others use it, since I know I can do that. But I'd also want to do other things and learn to do other things.

I know that a job advertisement for "someone who will help us achieve our goals" wouldn't say anything useful, but in my experience, looking for jobs isn't really about filling out forms and checking boxes either. Finding a job, at least a good one, is more creative than that.


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