Re: [xsl] RandomList.xsl from FXSL-xslt2

Subject: Re: [xsl] RandomList.xsl from FXSL-xslt2
From: Dimitre Novatchev <dnovatchev@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 05:57:42 -0700
On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 1:23 AM, Jesper Tverskov <jesper@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi List
> I'm trying to get RandomList.xsl from FXSL-xslt2 working.
> The test file provided by FXSL, testRandomList2.xsl, works well for
> shuffling a deck of cards. But the order of the 52 cards is always the
> same.

This is a FAQ.

You need a seed to generate a sequence of random numbers and if you
always start with the same seed, you'll always get the same random

In order to have a different seed each time you need it, use the current time.

For example, if you need to make 100 shuffles, first get a sequence of
100 numbers (using the current time as the seed for the generation of
the sequence).

Then use each of these 100 numbers to generate a shuffle.

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