Re: [xsl] question about generate-id()

Subject: Re: [xsl] question about generate-id()
From: Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2010 09:19:55 +0100
a given node? Again, a node from which nodeset?
All possible input nodes from the source document, doc() functions?

Any node that you pass to the function as an argument. The result is unique in the sense that if you call the function on two different nodes, you get two different identifiers. Or as the spec puts it: "it always generates the same identifier for the same node and ... different identifiers are always generated from different nodes."
My inferences: I assumed (clearly wrongly by this thread) that it
generated an ID value (call it xml:id for now) that was unique as
per the definition in XML, i.e. unique amongst the nodes of the input

The spec explicitly says "There is no guarantee that a generated unique identifier will be distinct from any unique IDs specified in the source document.".

Michael Kay

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