[xsl] Conditional xslt inclusions

Subject: [xsl] Conditional xslt inclusions
From: "Siddhi Thakkar" <Siddhit@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 12:47:49 +0530
Dear Experts,

I have 6 types of documents and their corresponding 6 xslts. What I want to do
is create one main xslt and based on one of the attribute values of input, I
want to give an xslt name that is to be included. For example, if the root
element of input is <root a="1"> then I want to include 'one.xsl'. Similarly,
if the root element is <root a="2"> then 'two.xsl'. I am using version 1.0 and
Saxon/JDOM as xslt processor.

Please give your inputs on this problem.

Thanks very much,

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