RE: [xsl] [possibly off topic] Adoption Rates and Future

Subject: RE: [xsl] [possibly off topic] Adoption Rates and Future
From: Emma Burrows <Emma.Burrows@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 14:26:31 +0000
LOL. I have to admit that "Opportunity to go deep with technologies at the
heart of the emerging semantic web." might have personally scared me off,
whereas I jumped at the first job advertisement I saw that said "Candidate
should have experience with XML, XSLT, XForms", exclaiming "That's me!" (as
indeed it was).

But I gather I was pretty much the only person who had applied for it, so I
think you probably have a very good point there! :)


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Subject: RE: [xsl] [possibly off topic] Adoption Rates and Future

Perhaps your former employer is advertising the opening the wrong way.
Compare "Candidate should have experience with XML, XSLT, XForms" with
"Opportunity to go deep with technologies at the heart of the emerging
semantic web." (And I'm sure someone who's actually good at writing this
sort of fluff could do MUCH better than I can.)

Programmers, it has long seemed to me, are peculiarly afflicted by
buzzworditis when it comes to what kind of work they think they want to

One class of applications for your list could be browsers. They all
support XML and XSLT for client-side transformations--or have for about
ten years. And lots of people, programmers included, seem to think
they're cool, or sexy, or whatever the positive adjective du jour is.

Norm Birkett

P.S.: I know I'm being a bit glib here, so I want to be careful to say
that I appreciate all the excellent and serious points that have been
made in this thread, and don't wish to detract from them in any way.
It's just that there is also a glib/stupid angle on these issues, which
I guess I'm especially qualified to cover. :)

> > On 02/11/2011 19:54, Hank Ratzesberger wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Please forgive me if this is off topic, or point me to another
> >> (or just ignore)
> >>
> >> At a previous job, I built a application/website that for the most
> >> part was
> >> entirely scripted in XML -- eXist database, XSTLT, XForms. Having
> moved
> >> on, they could not find much interest in filling the job and likely
> the
> >> application will get ported to "LAMP" with limited features and the
> >> job role more of a data analyst.
> >>
> >> Having built an entirely open source (and free) application using
> W3C
> >> standards with several excellent books for training and helpful
> mailing
> >> lists, I am wondering why there should be any lack of interest,
> though
> >> granted the university system has some challenges hiring from the
> >> private sector when it comes to IT.
> >>
> >> Perhaps it isn't clear the XML is a technology stack, not simply a
> >> file format. When sitting on J2EE applications, it is using the
> >> character encoding, real number and date handling -- I18N and
> >> various floating point issues are consistently handled.
> >>
> >> Is there a good list of XML/XSLT/etc. based applications? Where
> >> can reference as examples that use the technology?
> >>
> >> Thank you,
> >> Hank

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