[xsl] RE: Alternate header for multi-page TOC pages

Subject: [xsl] RE: Alternate header for multi-page TOC pages
From: Henry.D.Doby@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 12:18:53 -0600
I have been unable to find an answer to my problem.  Either I'm using the
wrong search terms or it's not out there.

I'm trying to write an XSL that creates a different header for subsequent
pages of front matter. 
First TOC page, header says TABLE OF CONTENTS and subsequent TOC pages say
TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued).  I'll need to do the same for

I tried with static-content and retrieve-marker, but could not figure out how
to differentiate between first and subsequent pages to call the different
marker.  It doesn't necessarily have to be static content (or even a header),
just figured that would be the most appropriate way to accomplish. 

BTW, my content is in DocBook and I'm keying on the <title> tags to build the
TOC.  I'm using Apache FOP.
Any help would be appreciated.

Henry "Hank" Doby
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems/Test Engineering
L-3 Communications/Mission Integration Division
Greenville, Texas
903.457.7593  /  fax ext 3563

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