[stella] sound frequencies

Subject: [stella] sound frequencies
From: Nick S Bensema <nickb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 00:11:07 -0700 (MST)
Hey Glenn,

Didn't you say you were going to make a chart with all the distortions?
i recall you got the clean tones done, but but some of the distorted ones
have yet to be seen.  Seems to have slipped your mind...

I don't need anything fancy; if I have the need to write something I
could probably come up with an awk script to sort out the cent values
I need.

I figured I'd get out something simple, a Led Zeppelin riff or something,
though counting the beats it would take 96 notes, which means 192 bytes if
I include distortions, and that's not counting the drums, which I believe
are integral to this particular riff I have in mind.  I'm going to see if
I can fit the whole thing in 512 bytes so that someone can include it in
a prospective game.

Anyone who knows Led Zeppelin knows there are some songs which are just
empty without drums.  "Rock and Roll", for one, which is the one I'm
trying to do.  That drum riff repeats, or can be made to repeat throughout
the progression every 16 beats, and also serve as the intro, so not only
do I have incentive, but opportunity to make it sound as good as possible.
The drums are also rather loud, and I can use that to sort of mask any
out-of-tune notes I may be forced to generate on the 2600, as well as
all the changes in distortion.  The drum track will be ever-present on
one voice channel, and the "guitar" parts will be in the second channel.

The demo will use INTIM for all timing because I don't plan to have any
graphics taking place....

I'll get all my C homework done early and my English stuff too and 
I'll probably have the weekend to get something rudimentary working.
If I have any luck, however, I won't...

Don't hold me to any of this, remember I've only written one program
so far and started on another which I may never finish.  But this is
different, because when you're not doing graphics, you don't have to
do any of that split-second timing.  This should prove to be less
frustrating, unless of course I can't get the notes I need.

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