[stella] IT'S A CONTEST...

Subject: [stella] IT'S A CONTEST...
From: Greg Troutman <mor@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 00:38:21 -0700
...And you're already a winner!  Attached is a brand new game for your
Supercharger, called DARK MAGE.  It's big and beefy, and chock full of
good stuff (other than sound).  To play it, you'll need the special
access code of "MAKEWAVE -C09 -SF000 DM.BIN DM.WAV"   

In addition, anyone who plays and solves the game, sending me the super
secret code displayed on the final screen, along with reports of any
bugs (other than the bit about pressing reset during the latter stages)
will receive, absolutely free, the entire source code for this game.  

As an added bonus, you can download the simplified 2600/4K version of
DARK MAGE complete with _heavily_commented_source_code_ at:

	- OR -


But wait, there's more!  An F8/8K version of DARK MAGE that runs on your
favorite emulator also exists, with still more thrills and chills, and
you are likely to be the first to see it.  Happy?  Wait till you hear
about the multiload version ;)

Now how much would you pay?


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