Re: [stella] IT'S A CONTEST...

Subject: Re: [stella] IT'S A CONTEST...
From: Greg Troutman <mor@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 15:48:17 -0700
Robert A. Colbert wrote:
> Here is a .bin that you can use to play this neat game on Atari 1.5!
> it is called foot.bin, it give the correct header data to get
> this program running in Supercharger mode on the emulator.  To use it do this:
> copy /b dm.bin+foot.bin dmf.bin

Great.  I wonder if I got the DOSEmu running on Linux, I could then get
PC Atari running under that???  Whew, I'm not sure I wanna even know...

> This will create a 8448 byte file that will run correctly on Atari PC 1.5!
> You will have to get the dm.bin from the previous message or from greg's homepage.

Actually it's not on my web page yet.  Only the 4K version.  I'll try
and load it up in a minute, but if someone can't find it in their inbox
or the list archives send me email and I'll take care of it.

> BTW, very nice job Greg!

Thanks!  But still, I'm concerned.  I haven't heard from anyone with the
secret code yet.  Is it that hard?  Or just too boring to figure out?
I've got a harder version that I'm gonna burn this weekend and go for an
honest to goodness 8K prototype.  Maybe I should cut back on the "stuff"
and use the extra space for a soundtrack though...  Does anyone wanna do
the theme song to The Saint for me in AUDXX notation???  

Or maybe this is the better question: do you have a circuit handy for
building an F6/16K cart from a 27128?  Or even better from a pair of
2764s which I have quite a few of...  I'm pretty stupid at wiring chips
together correctly.

And no need to panic about the cartridge activity.  I will get to a
multiload SC version too, I'm just trying cover all bases for posterity

>  And I am glad you got some use out of Makewav! 

Couldn't live a day without it...

> I will be adding a switch to makewav that will allow you to choose 22khz or 44khz, I've just been kinda busy/out of it lately.

Tell me about it!


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