[stella] My game - Alpha 2 - inv.bin

Subject: [stella] My game - Alpha 2 - inv.bin
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 07:52:24 GMT
I reworked my entire kernel so it displays in two-scanline increments
instead of four.. it no longer repositions the ball to display many bombs,
but displays two on alternating frames.  Still doesn't check for player
death, keep score, missile/bomb collisions or anything else cool. =)

I also reworked the size of the invaders.. Try it as is, or if you're
feeling adventurous, decrement the vertical size of the invaders at offset
420h in the file and increment the size of the space between the rows at
offset 48Dh (don't drop the first one below 1 or the second one below 2, or
it will complain.. and they must add up to 6 or your TV will shatter in a
fiery mess.. well, maybe not, but don't say I didn't warn you =) )  The
gameplay feels much better with this setup.. thanks to all who contributed

The invader-landing formula has also been improved.. it should always
trigger a game-over when the invaders descend so that there is a 2-scanline
gap between the player and the invaders, but never on a larger gap.

Inactive missiles are still displayed at the top of the screen.. this will
still be fixed once I display scores there.

Comments welcome.. thanks!

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