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Subject: Re: [stella] inv.bin impressions
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 13:06:27 -0400 (EDT)
In article <Pine.BSI.3.95.970412154923.2467J-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, you wrote:
>I think this is a wonderful proof of concept for how much you can do with
>playfield graphics, but does anyone feel like I do that blocks just don't
>cut it for invaders?  I mean, if this were the Oddyssey^2 or the
>Fairchild, it would be expected, but not the 2600.  Some form of
>compromise had to be made when converting Space Invaders to the 2600 and
>there really is no way to do a 1:1 port and maintain the exact number of
>invaders as the arcade.  Well, maybe if you use crude bitmaps and use the
>narrow screen width that Bob used in Stellasketch or the fullscreen
>stipple mode of Suicide Mission.
>This alpha sure screams out to me to be a hybrid betwen SI and Super

Well one thing this demo needs is a way to jazz up the invaders. While the
work that's gone into it is really amazing and a great tutorial no doubt
(haven't peeked at the source code yet), the game itself is just, well, 

Plus, if the object was to make a shooter more like the arcade Space Invaders
than the 2600 version, then it'll really need to have some shields.

Some ideas to jazz up the invaders...

Try to make them more animated by having cycling colours.
Make the centre scanline a bright colour and then the scanlines moving out
are darker. Then cycle the colours through them on each frame (you can have
the cycling get faster as there are fewer invaders). And even though the
invaders are only 2-bits wide, try to utilize thouse two bits as well as
you can to create different invader types (alternated to create some sort
of movement).

I haven't played it that much, but I've yet to see the saucer make an
appearance. As well, when you fire your short just kind of sticks to the top
of the screen until you fire again.

                         (Keep up the good work from hell!!!)


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