Re: [stella] inv.bin impressions

Subject: Re: [stella] inv.bin impressions
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 18:28:22 GMT
>Well one thing this demo needs is a way to jazz up the invaders. While the
>work that's gone into it is really amazing and a great tutorial no doubt
>(haven't peeked at the source code yet), the game itself is just, well, 

I'm workin on it.. I'm workin on it =)  I haven't released the source code
yet, but probably will when I release the game.

>Plus, if the object was to make a shooter more like the arcade Space Invaders
>than the 2600 version, then it'll really need to have some shields.

Hopefully, it will =)

>I haven't played it that much, but I've yet to see the saucer make an
>appearance. As well, when you fire your short just kind of sticks to the top
>of the screen until you fire again.

The saucer isn't there yet, but will be eventually.  As for the sticking
shots, that's because I disable the shot by setting its Y-coordinate to
zero, but zero is the top scanline of the screen.  That problem will fix
itself when I add score display.

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