Re: [stella] MultiSprite... game update (playable!)

Subject: Re: [stella] MultiSprite... game update (playable!)
From: Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Eckhard Stolberg)
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 23:47:17 +0200
>> It is much too fast even in the first level. There is no way avoiding
>> with the enemies. You should slow it down dramatically. 
>Avoiding them is the goal?
>Without any scoring yet, I don't know exactly what the objective is.  I do
>think the game needs some work to make it more, erm, exciting.

The goal is to destroy all enemies without loosing your life(not implemented
yet). To destroy an enemy you must set all dots in its row and then touch
it, when it got stuck. Touching moving enemies reduces your energy and you will 
loose a life. In this version you have an infinitive number of lifes.

Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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