Re: [stella] Invaders update! - inv-beta.bin

Subject: Re: [stella] Invaders update! - inv-beta.bin
From: emooney.KILL.SPAM.@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 17:09:57 GMT
>>three times.)  Thanks to all who helped with that concept.  Do the middle
>>two rows of invaders look silly?  If so, how should I change them?
>They look fine, though perhaps a round or C-shape would be better.

I tried that and they looked more like targets in Carnival or something
than aliens intent on taking over the earth... I'll play with it some more.

>anyway, shields might be able to become larger if they somehow used
>alternating frames as well.  Or if that's not your fancy and you're
>feeling ambitious, a Polo-type thing could also work.  But I won't throw
>a hissy-fit if the shields stay as-is.  We're still getting more
>coverage than 2600 SI with its three shields.

I'd rather not alternate frames on the shields, cause that'll really cause
problems with the collision detection.  I might be able to double them
vertically like 2600 SI does.. I'll try that too.

>I suppose you've already thought of it alternating between alternately
>aiming at the first and second players.  Would anyone notice if it were
>done like that, or do you want to randomize that too?

I was planning to randomize it between aiming at each player, I just hadn't
put in the code yet.

>>algorithm (well, actually new lookup table) for invader speed based on
>>number remaining - it's closer to arcade now, though not perfect.  Also
>>switched player colors so that first player is green (like arcade) and
>>second player is red.
>As for these lookup tables... could they be easily switched in mid-program
>to facilitate a PAL/NTSC switch?
>Further... could one say the same thing about the color tables?

I think so about both, though there's a lot of places where I just LDA
#color / STA COLUxx that I'd have to change to a table of some sort.  Not
undoable, though.

>Works better to alpha-test the game that way too.  Killing the player would
>probably also kill the buzz one gets from witnessing this awesome feat of

Thanks.. does that mean you're impressed? =)  Actually, sometimes I get the
feeling that if I just wrote 4096 random bytes to inv.bin and ran PCAE on
the file, I'd get a working game sooner than actually writing the game
myself =)

Seriously, does this game look like a viable addition to the 2600's library
(when finished, of course) ?

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